James Hobart Stepping Away from Competition, Will Join CrossFit Media Team

James Hobart visited CrossFit HQ recently and sat down with Sean Woodland for an interview. Hobart, who finished 33rd in the world during the Open, declined his individual invitation to compete at Regionals.

The 8-time CrossFit Games competitor and 3-time CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup champion, shared that he did the Open without the intention of competing. He has elected to focus on other things in his life and is now coaching at Reebok CrossFit One in addition to still being on the CrossFit L1 Seminar staff.

We also will be seeing Hobart on the sidelines at the CrossFit Regionals and Games as part of the CrossFit Media Team. So while Hobart won’t be lifting weights he will still be actively involved with CrossFit going forward.