Jared Enderton Launches Invictus Weightlifting Program

Last weekend CrossFit Invictus announced that Jared Enderton was joining the Invictus coaching staff. Enderton will run the Invictus Weightlifting Program that launched this past Monday.

The move to Invictus means that Enderton has parted ways with Jon North’s Dark Orchestra Online programming. Enderton provided programming for the 3-2-1 Lift program, a CrossFit/Weightlifting combo program that supplemented CrossFit WODs with Olympic Weightlifting, and contributed to the weightlifting programming along with Jon and Jessica North.

Enderton will continue to run his CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Pandora’s Box, and be the Strength & Conditioning Coach at the Olympic Training Center for the Sprint Cycling Team.

The Invictus Weightlifting Program is a 3-day per week program that supplements your CrossFit programming. The 75-minute sessions will focus on improving the snatch and clean & jerk along with accessory work to get you stronger and better at moving a heavy barbell. Pricing begins at $39/month with discounts for 3 and 6-month commitments.

Jared Enderton was a former competitive weightlifter, but transitioned to CrossFit two years ago. Enderton has qualified to the South Regional the past two seasons and finished 12th this year.