Jonne Koski Tweaked Elbow During Snatch Ladder at French Throwdown

Jonne Koski at the 2019 CrossFit French Throwdown. Photo courtesy of @wodandpix/Instagram
Jonne Koski at the 2019 CrossFit French Throwdown. Photo courtesy of @wodandpix/Instagram

Jonne Koski had already secured his spot at the CrossFit Games after becoming the National Champion of Finland during the CrossFit Open. But as a tune-up for the CrossFit Games, Koski decided to compete at the CrossFit French Throwdown this weekend.

During Event 8 on Sunday, Koski appeared to tweak his elbow during the snatch ladder. The snatch ladder was a little different as it combined an 8 calorie SkiErg buy-in before attempting a snatch at increasing weights.

On the 120kg (264lb) bar, Koski tried to walk out the snatch but was unable to stabilize the bar overhead. He grabbed his left elbow and moved it around as if he had hurt it on the lift. Koski would give it another go, but was unable to pull underneath it. Koski would take 8th on the event.

Check out the Koski’s lift below (we started it at his lift).

In talking with Koski this evening, he said he “kind of tweaked it a bit, but it didn’t hurt at all in the jerks later [Event 9] so probably nothing serious.” He said this week’s training was going to be a bit easier this week already so it will have time to heal up.

So good news is that Koski should be good to go by August 1. Koski would end up taking 1st overall at the CrossFit French Throwdown. Josh Miller ended up earning the Games invite.

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