Kari Pearce Sets a Jerk PR of 117 kg at the Dubai Fitness Championship

Kari Pearce is one of many CrossFit Games athletes competing at the Dubai Fitness Championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The competition spans over four days consisting of 15 workouts and the ability to win $600k total cash prizes.

The fitness competition began in 2012 to raise awareness on the importance of exercise and health. Over the years, the international competition has gained a lot of attention, attracting some of the world’s most elite athletes. All qualifiers earned $76,500. An event win earns an athlete $142,000, while the winning purse prize amounts to $382,000.

Pearce is one of two American women sitting in the top 10, joined by Lauren Fisher (9th). In Event 11, the workout was a five-minute time cap to establish a 1 rep max jerk from the rack. Pearce finished in a three-way tie for fourth in the event with a PR jerk of 117 kg (257.94 lbs.). She is currently sitting in seventh overall through 11 events and hasn’t finished outside of 17th in any event.


The former Michigan gymnast took home a first-place finish in Event 6, which consisted of a 15-minute time cap of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 unbroken ring muscle ups with a 10 meter handstand walk between each set.