Khan Porter Did a Marathon Ski for Charity

Khan Porter completes Marathon Ski for charity.
Khan Porter completes Marathon Ski for charity.

Just a couple weeks removed from the Marathon Row at the 2018 CrossFit Games, Australian Khan Porter decided to do a Marathon Ski and donate money to charity based on his time. Porter’s 42,195 meters on the Concept 2 SkiErg would not go as well as the rower.

Porter was doing well through 15,000 meters and was actually on world record pace (2:36:24 by Ola Warren, 1:51 pace). According to Porter, he held this world record pace through 36,000 meters and that is where it all fell apart.

Because of the constant up and down of the ski stroke, Porter began getting dizzy and would meet Pukie…a lot. It got worse and worse until Porter had to sit down and pull with only his arms.

Porter would finish with a pace of 2:16, well off the world record. That time would be good for approximately 3:11. Porter mailed off a check worth $216AUD to drought relief to help farmers who have been affected by the drought in Australia.