Becca Voight finished 7th at the 2008 CrossFit Games at The Ranch. Voigt then competed at the next eight straight CrossFit Games. Last year, however, Voigt finally fell short when she finished 8th, only 28 points behind 5th place.

Voight did compete as a 35-39 Masters athlete at the 2017 CrossFit Games where she took 3rd overall.

This year Voigt was back to make a run at her 10th Games appearance. Already having qualified for the Games as a Masters athlete again, Voigt was guaranteed a trip to Madison. But Voigt wanted to make the big stage once again.

Throughout the weekend Voigt lingered just outside the top 5 after the first four events. On Sunday Voigt took 3rd on the chipper and moved into contention with one event remaining. Voigt was two points behind Meredith Root in 5th place.

Voigt would finish 4th in the final heat for 7th overall in the event. Root would take last in the heat, 22nd overall. Root would drop to 6th in the standings.

Voigt ended up 5th overall for the weekend and will join Emily Abbott, Alessandra Pichelli, Ehea Schuerch and Chyna Cho at the Games.

Final Standings:
1) Emily Abbott (518)
2) Alessandra Pichelli (472)
3) Ehea Schuerch (432)
4) Chyna Cho (426)
5) Becca Voigt (382)
6) Meredith Root (368)

With 11 CrossFit Games veterans competing in the West Regional this weekend, some notable names were left on the outside looking in.

7) Carleen Mathews
8) Alex Parker
12) Casey Campbell
14) Kirsten Pedri
15) Regan Huckaby
18) Lindsey Valenzuela
27) Brooke Ence