Marcus Filly Is Taking Functional Fitness to a New Level

If you are one of Marcus Filly’s 187,000 followers on Instagram you have probably seen his growing collection of functional movements. If not, his Instagram page is worth checking out.

Filly, by way of his Functional Bodybuilding programming, is taking unique functional movements that he creates or draws inspiration from via the Internet and is sharing them daily. From one-arm kettlebell swing into thruster to a kettlebell psoas march, Filly is killing it.

Check out a few of his recent posts below and go follow Filly (if you aren’t already).

💥Leg Strength💥3 Speeds💥 🐆Fast – Oly Lifts are fast in nature. Speed and strength applied over the precise range equals success. Great for developing speed, quickness, power…you pick the word 🐢Slow – Front Squats With slow controlled Eccentrics and pauses are relatively slow compared to the clean. Great for developing balance, strength, positions…you pick 🦍FBB Speed – the Mixed Rack Overhead KB Lunge is a great example of a medium speed in between movement. Balance, coordination, stability, strength. @functional.bodybuilding all summed up here. A great tool to Bridge the gap between fast and slow. Win win. Try 12 Weeks of Functional Bodybuilding Programming. A true blend of 3 speeds. – LINK IN BIO. #lookgoodmovewell

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