Masters & Teen Online Qualifier Workouts Released Tonight

Masters Division at the 2016 CrossFit Games
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The next stage of the competition for the Masters and Teen athletes starts tonight at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific. The top 200 in each age division will have the opportunity to do four more workouts for the opportunity to make it into the top 20 and qualify for the CrossFit Games.

This is also the first year the Online Qualifier has been opened up to the Teenage divisions. The last two years the top 10 of the Open advanced to the Games. This year, however, the Teens must follow the same path to the Games as the Masters athletes and now the top 20 make it to Madison.

Scoring for the Online Qualifier continues the scoring method of the Open with 1st place getting 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points, etc. While there are four workouts in the Online Qualifier, there are five scored events. The placement in the Open counts as one of the scored events so the athletes who are near the top of the leaderboard now have an advantage over those who just squeaked in the top 200.

Athletes will have until 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) on Monday, April 24, to complete all four workouts. The timing is the same as an Open workout, but this time there are four workouts to finish.

Last year the athletes did a [1] row/thruster workout for time, [2] a 1RM deadlift, [3] a 15-minute AMRAP of double-unders, CTB pull-ups and hang power cleans and [4] another for time workout featuring burpees, overhead squats and ring muscle-ups.

If you notice the 1RM deadlift was very similar to The Ranch Deadlift Ladder at the Games so when Dave Castro says that the Open, Regionals and Games workouts flow together he’s not just talking about the individuals. So what we see announced tonight might foreshadow what we see in Madison in August.

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