Misfit Athletics’ Drew Crandall Shares 17 Things He Learned This (CrossFit Games) Season

Chyna Cho wins the California Regional. Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
Chyna Cho wins the California Regional. Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Drew Crandall and Misfit Athletics had a successful season this year. Between multiple individual athletes (eight, if I’m counting correctly) and a team qualifying for the CrossFit Games and many other athletes making huge strides at Regionals, Misfit was quite busy.

Because of the success in 2017, Drew Crandall, owner and coach of Misfit Athletics, has shared 17 things he learned from this (CrossFit Games) season. Here are a couple of his lessons learned…

#4. You have more control over your outcomes than you think.

Workouts don’t “happen” to you. They don’t have opinions. They don’t decide your outcome. You do. Stop taking your baggage into training pieces and instead bring your passion for improving into them. Be positive. Be hungry. And be happy that you still have something to work on because if we all didn’t, what the hell would we be doing here? Take responsibility for yourself, and you will begin to see how much say you have in your abilities.

#11. Every action deserves your attention.

Most of us will agree that time is the most precious commodity in our lives. If you believe this to be true, stop going through the motions. Adopt the concept of taking things one step (or rep) at a time and reap the benefits you set out after in the first place.

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