Noah Ohlsen…I’m Tougher: A Comeback Story

Noah Ohlsen at Wodapalooza 2019. Photo via Instagram, @nohlsen @joule.studios

“Things don’t always go our way. When faced with adversity, we can choose to either back down and shy away or stand up and fight. I’m happy to say that during Wodapalooza 2019, I fought,” said Noah Ohlsen after his performance at the Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival this year.

Ohlsen started off slowly with two bad events early at Wodapalooza this year. But rather than throw in the towel, Ohlsen battled back. By the end of the weekend, Ohlsen climbed his way up the leaderboard to finish on the podium.

Ohlsen took 3rd in the Sanctional, not good enough for an invite to the 2019 CrossFit Games, but definitely a very strong performance…and a $10,000 paycheck.

Check out the 27-minute documentary produced by Joule Studios as they capture Ohlsen’s journey back up the leaderboard.