PurePharma is Now Puori

On Tuesday, PurePharma announced that it officially changed its name to Puori. The announcement was promoted by some social media posts by Puori’s sponsored athletes, including Julie Foucher and Scott Panchik.

In a blog post announcing the change, Puori wanted to move away from the word ‘Pharma’ because, “What we found along the way is that pharma doesn’t always align with this. Most pharma is less preventative and more symptomatic. And with the changes we’ve seen in the pharmaceutical industry since our start, we realized it was no longer a fit for what we stood for.”

Puori is a combination of two words, Pure origin, and those are the company’s foundation and philosophy. So while the products that are made the mission of the company has not and will not change, the label will.

Say goodbye to Pharma and hello to Puori.