Regional Athletes Get Creative with Event Testing

Makeshift kettlebells for Regional Event testing - via Instagram @cherylnasso

The elimination of barbells with dumbbells and super heavy kettlebells has made testing and practicing the Regional events a little more tricky this year. The Regional events included extensive use of 80-pound and 55-pound dumbbells as well as one event with two 150-pound or 106-pound kettlebells.

While most CrossFit gyms already had 50-pound and 35-pound dumbbells for the Open and some may have owned one 106-pound kettlebell, very few already owned all of it. So what is an athlete to do when there is potentially less than 10 days until the start of their Regional weekend?

Turn into MacGyver and get creative…

Here are some of the most creative ways athletes cobbled together their equipment.

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Rogue Kettlebells

Team T-Town putting in work this morning. #teamttown #roadtoregionals #crossfit #regionals #centralregionals

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We have a worm! Testing it out tonight. Same weight and specs as the real thing. Hope it works. #ghettoworm #crossfitregionals

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No 55lb dumbbell, no problem #diy #dumbbell #becreative #roadtoregionals #dangerous #fitness #snatch #ohs

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