Rescue Randy Drag and O-Course Event Details Are Released

The O-Course appears that it may not be a separate scored event this year. Or if it is, the athletes will traverse the course twice. That is because the O-Course is part of The Battleground event on Friday morning.

The out-and-back event starts with a Rescue Randy Drag down the North Park Stadium followed by two rope climbs. Athletes will then take off and run outside of the stadium to the O-Course where they will climb up, over, under and through numerous obstacles built by Rogue Fitness. They will then run back to the Stadium, complete two rope climbs and drag Rescue Randy back to the finish line.

5.11 Tactical Weight Vests, available at Rogue Fitness
5.11 Tactical Weight Vests, available at Rogue Fitness

Oh yeah, athletes will be wearing a 5.11 Tactical weight vest throughout the event.

CrossFit released a video of a test run by Travis Mayer. Mayer completed the course in just under 9 minutes. This event will be a fun one to watch early on Friday.

Watch the entire test event below.