Sara Sigmundsdottir Says Goodbye to Cookeville, Hello to California

Sara Sigmundsdottir at the 2017 Mayhem for Mustard Seed Ranch event. Photo by The Barbell Spin.
Sara Sigmundsdottir at the 2017 Mayhem for Mustard Seed Ranch event. Photo by The Barbell Spin.

Sara Sigmundsdottir is the latest athlete to change regions this off season. Sigmundsdottir, who had moved to Cookeville, Tennessee, last year to train with Rich Froning and the rest of the Mayhem crew, caught a plane yesterday to move to California.

The move will mark the third region in as many years for the three-time CrossFit Games veteran. Last year Sigmundsdottir was planning on moving to Southern California for the 2017 season, but never made it out there and ended up changing her plans and staying in Tennessee the whole season.

In an Instagram post, Sigmundsdottir shared the crazy day leading up to barely making it to her gate on time and thanking Cookeville and the Mayhem community for their hospitality the past year.

Ok. Today was a classic Sara day 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Where do I even start…. . So I started here in Cookeville picking up some of my stuff before heading on to my big trip and finally seeing my family at Crossfit Mayhem. It´s been so great to be there ❤️ . So here IT goes: . My friend picked up all my stuff that I had packed to have it delivered via cargo truck to California aka @kylieruth That all went smoothly so I decided to train a little before leaving for the airport. The training was so good that I decided to delay the cab so that I could finish my workout. The cab was then way late so we needed to get to the airport in a hurry. Once I was sat in there I realised that I had packed my passport with the stuff I was sending in the cargo truck. I managed to reach my friend and she told the address of the warehouse where the stuff was being loaded. It took us a while to find it since I spelled the address wrong in the mapps app. We eventually managed to find it, get the passport and get to the airport. The airplane was still there so there was still a chance, but then my bags were stopped since they were WAY over the weight limit. I needed to repack everything in front of the register but I managed to make that work and then it was for the long run through the terminal to try to get to the plane 😬 . A crazy, crazy day and I am EXHAUSTED… but I made it!!! ✈️ . California. Here I come! Tennessee, thank you for everything. I´m going to miss you ❤ . . #Crossfit #California #Tennessee #Cookeville #CrossfitMayhem #Friends #Family #Whydoesalwayslikethishappentome #ATypicalDayForMe #ButIMadeIt

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Sigmundsdottir finished 3rd at the CrossFit Games in 2015 and 2016. She finished 4th this past season.

Already this season, Elijah Muhammad and Mat Fraser have moved regions. Muhammad moved to Iowa and will be competing out of the North Central region. Fraser moved to Cookeville and will be competing out of the Central East region.