Headlined by a Greek Freak, Anna Fragkou leads a group of Games rookies who have done much more than just survive and advance to Day 3 of the 2019 CrossFit Games.

Fragkou currently sits fifth overall after a sixth and fifth-place finish in the Sprint Couplet and CrossFit Benchmark workout “Mary”, respectively.


To highlight a few moments for these rookies, Matt McLeod won the Sprint Couplet event with a time of 1:27.30.

Chandler Smith, who represents the United States Army for their Warrior Fitness Team, sits in 16th overall with second and fourth place finishes in First Cut and Ruck, respectively. Smith had his fair share of running with weight on his back while training in the U.S. Army, so that event boded well for him.

He admitted to the Rogue Iron Game broadcast crew that he’s had a bit of a “yo-yo competition”, but with the support of the Army and his close friends and relatives he’s happy to be a part of his first CrossFit Games.

The lone German representative, Joshua Wichtrup, is hanging on by a thread in 19th overall. He took second overall in Ruck and 18th in Mary to make it to Day 3.


Danielle Brandon is next in the rookie standings for the women, currently at 14th heading into Day 2. Brandon won second cut and took fifth in Sprint Couplet.

Emily Rolfe won Ruck and her lowest finish outside of the top 20 was first cut, where she finished 54th.

Carolyne Prevost is a jack-of-all-trades, including creeping into the top 20. The high school math/science and P.E. teacher is making her students proud as she hasn’t finished outside the top 38, and has done better since that finish on Day 1. Prevost’s lowest finish on Day 2 was 18th in Ruck.

At the moment, we only know of tomorrow morning’s event, the Sprint course. The top 10 will advance and compete the rest of the weekend.

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