South Regional Daily Schedule for Each Heat

2017 South Regional Heat Schedule

Alright, we finally know the timing of the heats for the South Regional. Like last year, the teams start off the day, but the individual men will take the floor first all three days with the final men’s heat on Sunday coming after the final women’s heat.

Because the South Regional has three regions funneling into it, there is an extra heat for all three competitions which makes it a much longer day than the other regions. The first 3,2,1 begins at 9:00AM and the competition doesn’t end until nearly 7:00PM.

Here are the times (all CDT) of the final heats for the South Regional:

10:30am – Team Event 1
12:30pm – Team Event 2
2:20pm – Men’s Event 1
3:50pm – Women’s Event 1
5:30pm – Men’s Event 2
6:30pm – Women’s Event 2

10:30am – Team Event 3
12:15pm – Team Event 4
2:05pm – Men’s Event 3
3:55pm – Women’s Event 3
5:30pm – Men’s Event 4
7:00pm – Women’s Event 4

10:15am – Team Event 5
11:55pm – Team Event 6
1:40pm – Men’s Event 5
3:10pm – Women’s Event 5
5:10pm – Women’s Event 6
5:30pm – Men’s Event 6