Sunday Team Event: Burpee Litter

Demo Team Member showing the hay bale burpees. @thedavecastro/Instagram
Demo Team Member showing the hay bale burpees. @thedavecastro/Instagram

The litter is back from last year. The team had to carry a teammate in the litter during Team Murph in 2016. This year it is back, but with a bit of a twist.

Rather than having four people carry the litter only two athletes will be carrying their teammate on the litter. Fortunately, the run is shorter and broken up into three rounds. The teams will split up into MMF and FFM trios with the MMF trio going first and handing off to the FFM trio once the three rounds are complete.

Here is the full event description:

3 rounds, with body armor, as trios:
250-meter litter run
22 hay bale burpees

M 20-lb. vest F 14-lb. vest

Time Cap: 20 minutes

And as you can see, the teams get to climb over the hay bale wall like the individuals, but there isn’t a heavy sandbag.