The Annual “12 Days of Christmas” WOD

In the CrossFit community, there are multiple workouts that take place on specific day(s) of the year. Memorial Day “MURPH”, the CrossFit Open, the Team Series, the CrossFit Liftoff and many more. For the holiday season, it’s the annual “12 Days of Christmas WOD.”

Right now, your owner/coach/programmer is coming up with 12 different ways for you to suffer. Most CrossFit boxes worldwide celebrate the Christmas holiday with their variation of the workout.

Much like the song, you complete each movement in ascending order and then work back down, adding one more movement per round. Usually the first few rounds are not so bad, but then you continue to climb up the ladder of movements and remind yourself you have to go back down again. It’s tough, and there aren’t a lot of workouts programmed like it. There is usually a monkey wrench thrown into the workout with a more advanced movement, such as a bar muscle up or a handstand push-up.

Unlike most workouts it is encouraged to wear some out of the ordinary workout attire to get into the Christmas spirit, and let’s be honest, distract you and fellow members from the actual suffering taking place. An ugly Christmas sweater is almost required. A friend in a Santa suit or a holiday-themed onsie is likely to be seen as well.

Post WOD, you usually celebrate by eating some food afterward and participating in a White Elephant gift exchange. It’s a great way to build community within your box and to encourage others to give CrossFit a try.