The Bike Event is a Cyclocross Event

At the individual athlete dinner, Dave Castro finally revealed the details of the Bike event. Once again, athletes WILL start on Wednesday although it will only be for a time trial to seed the athletes for the actual race on Thursday.

Once seeded, the athletes be separated into two heats of 20 athletes each. From there, it will be a 3-lap race. No details about how the two heats will be broken up, but the score for the event will be the total time to complete the course.

CrossFit released a 7-minute video showing what appeared to be a professional cyclocross athlete riding the course. The zig-zag course is mainly on grass with a few patches of gravel areas. The course includes a section of four short walls in which the athlete must jump off the bike and run through.

It took the athlete about six minutes to make it through the course. With three laps and most CrossFit athletes not training for this, someĀ could bump up against the time cap. Also, the forecast for Thursday is showing a 90% chance for rain. It could make things really interesting out at Quann Park.