The CrossFit Open is Over, Now What?


The 2017 CrossFit Open has come to a close and while the leaderboard could still move here and there since the validation deadline is not until Wednesday at 5pm PT, what you see now is likely going to be what you get. Mat Fraser and Sara Sigmundsdottir are your 2017 CrossFit Open winners.

A quick look at the leaderboards by region will show a red line after 20 athletes (or 30 in Europe & Australia or 10 in Africa, Asia & Latin America). Those are the individuals who will automatically receive an individual invite to Regionals, assuming their video review is approved (we’ll discuss that in a minute).

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes over the next several weeks. Let’s take a look at what will happen and when we will start to see who’s in and who’s out.

Video Review Process

On March 30 at 5pm PT, CrossFit will request a complete video of one of the Open workouts for the top individual athletes in each of the 17 regions.

Here’s the breakdown of the number of men and women who have to submit a video.

  • In Africa, Asia and Latin America: Top 25
  • In Canada East, Canada West and all U.S. regions, Top 35
  • In Australia and Europe, Top 45

CrossFit may request videos for athletes ranked outside the figures shown above if enough athletes decline their invitation to become eligible.

Athletes must submit their videos by April 3 at 5pm PT.

CrossFit will then review all of the submitted videos and validate, modify or invalidate them. If modified, the score will reflect a lower score or higher time. If invalidated, the athlete will receive a score of ‘0’ and will effectively be removed from contention.

The video review will be completed by April 10 at 5pm PT.

Regional Invite – Individual Athletes

Once the video review has been completed, CrossFit will email Regional invitations to the individual athletes who fall within the Regional cut line. The emails will be sent out by April 17.

Athletes will have until April 21 at 5pm PT to accept or forfeit their individual spot at Regionals. If they forfeit their spot, they must then declare if they will be participating on a qualifying team.

If a significant amount of athletes decline their individual invitation, CrossFit will invite additional athletes based on their order in the Open.

Regional Invite – Teams

After the individual athlete Regional rosters have been confirmed and finalized, the team rankings will be re-sorted after the Regional athletes have been removed from the teams’ scores.

Beginning on April 24, CrossFit will invite teams based on their Open ranking.

  • In Africa, Asia and Latin America: Top 10
  • In Canada East, Canada West and all U.S. regions, Top 15
  • In Australia and Europe, Top 20

The 2017 CrossFit Rulebook does not indicated when teams must confirm and accept their Regional invitation.

Registration Process

For individuals who will be competing at Regionals, the athletes will receive an email with instructions to register for the competition and must pay the $200 individual athlete fee. One week prior to the start of their Regional, athletes will receive an information packet with more details of the competition (registration, daily schedules, etc).

For teams, the team manager will receive an email from CrossFit with instructions on how to register. The team manager must submit the 8-member team roster (4 men & 4 women) by May 2 at 5pm PT and pay the $400 team registration fee.

Regional Competition

The eight regional competitions will take place over three weekends in May and June. Here are the dates and locations of the regionals:

Week 1 (May 19-21)
East Regional (Albany, New York at Times Union Center)
South Regional (San Antonio, Texas at Alamodome)

Week 2 (May 26-28)
Pacific Regional (Wollongong, Australia at WIN Entertainment Centre)
Central Regional (Nashville, Tennessee at Music City Center)
California Regional (Del Mar, California at Del Mar Arena)

Week 3 (June 2-4)
Meridian Regional (Madrid, Spain at Caja Magica)
Atlantic Regional (Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia World Congress Center)
West Regional (Portland, Oregon at Portland Expo Center)

Masters & Teen Competitions

Online Qualifier

For the Masters and Teen divisions, the top 200 athletes in each division will compete in an Online Qualifier beginning on Thursday, April 20 at 5pm PT.

There is no video validation process to advance to the Online Qualifier.

Athletes will have until Monday, April 24 at 5pm PT to submit their scores for the Online Qualifier.

Video Review

On April 25, CrossFit will request one or more videos from the Online Qualifier from the top 40 male and female athletes in each age division. CrossFit will compete the video review by May 9.

Games Invite – Masters and Teens

Once the videos have been validated, the top 20 male and female athletes in each division will receive an invitation to compete at the CrossFit Games. Those emails will go out on May 11. Athletes will have until June 10 to accept their invitation.

Here is a summary of the dates to follow:

  • March 30: CrossFit will request video from top individual athletes.
  • April 3: Individual athletes must submit requested video.
  • April 10: CrossFit completes individual video review process.
  • April 17: Regional invitations for individual athletes emailed.
  • April 20: Masters and Teen Online Qualifier workouts released.
  • April 21: Deadline to accept individual invite.
  • April 24: Regional invitations for teams emailed.
  • April 24: Deadline to submit Online Qualifier scores.
  • April 25: CrossFit will request video from top Masters and Teen athletes.
  • May 2: Deadline for teams to register for Regionals.
  • May 9: CrossFit completes Masters and Teen video review process.
  • May 19-21: East and South Regionals
  • May 26-28: Pacific, Central and California Regionals
  • June 2-4: Meridian, Atlantic and West Regionals
  • June 10: Masters and Teens must accept their Games invitation.

Here is the link to the official 2017 CrossFit Games Rulebook.

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