Tia Wright Launches Health & Lifestyle Coaching Program

Tia Wright, via Instagram
Tia Wright, via Instagram, @tiawright06

Tia Wright has competed at the CrossFit Regionals seven times, six as an individual and once on a team. During that span, Wright missed qualifying for the CrossFit Games in 2016 and 2017 during the final event. Each year, however, Wright has come back with the goal of qualifying for the Games.

But while competing has always been how the majority of CrossFit Games fans have seen Wright, her passion is helping others outside of just fitness. Because of this passion, Wright is launching H&L Coaching, a health and lifestyle coaching program.

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Whelp, this is really exciting for me. New chapters in life, and new adventures. – Fitness is obviously a passion of mine, but it boils down to the joy and love for helping others. My passions have expanded beyond fitness and into lifestyle transformation. I’ve blogged and lived for years saying that if you want to change your life you have to change your habits and behaviors. – I’ve thankfully had a magnified experience of changing habits and behaviors through being a competitive athlete but sharing that story has been inspiration for you and it’s time to make a “program” or a way to help you achieve what YOUR goals are! – Follow along! This should be a great resource for you and for many! Can’t wait to help!

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Wright’s goal with H&L Coaching is to empower others by changing habits to improve all aspects of your health. Wright is offering a 90-day program that includes one-on-one meetings with Tia herself, step-by-step coaching, nutrition and mindset coaching and stress coping. The program costs $800.

For more details and to sign up, visit the H&L Coaching page on Wright’s website.