Watch Noah Ohlsen Complete 358 Reps on 19.1

Noah Ohlsen won the CrossFit Open in 2016 and came in 2nd in 2017. Last year he finished 25th in the world. The stakes are much different now under the new CrossFit Games format. Now the submission deadline for 19.1 has passed, we can take a look at the leaderboard to see how some of the top athletes have fared.

Based on the leaderboard, 19.1 was not favorable to Ohlsen. With just 358 reps (still a really good score!), it was only good enough for 783rd worldwide. To earn an automatic qualification spot to the Games from the Open, an athlete must finish in the top 20 worldwide or win their country (USA).

Right now, Ohlsen is unlikely to qualify under these two scenarios. Ohlsen is down in 316th on the United States country leaderboard.

Regardless of where he ends up in the Open, it is still fun to watch the best in the sport take on the same workout we just did. So with that, here is 15 minutes of Ohlsen bouncing back and forth between wall balls and the Concept 2 rower.

If you want to see the best performance in the world on 19.1, check out Serbia’s Lazar Dukic’s video here.