What are the Games Athletes Up To? (California Regional)

Jason Carroll prepping for the 2017 CrossFit Games. @jasoncarroll89/Instagram
Jason Carroll prepping for the 2017 CrossFit Games. @jasoncarroll89/Instagram

Now there are just 37 days until the start of the CrossFit Games. Yesterday, we took a look at what the athletes from the Atlantic Regional were up to. Today, we’re going to see what those California athletes are doing in preparation for Madison.

Check back in tomorrow as we take on the Central Regional.

Josh Bridges

Chyna Cho

Garret Fisher

Kirsten Pedri

Jason Carroll

Alessandra Pichelli

Finishing the week strong with some Overhead barbell work. πŸ“· @handsomehillphoto @reebok @trifectasystem @diablocrossfit

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Jeff Patzer

Ok I’ve been a bit incommunicado the last week. That’s because I have actually been in China for work. It was a trip I already had planned and needed to go no matter what. It’s not the best timing with the #crossfitgames coming up but I have to sometimes travel for work. My job allows me a flexible schedule most of the year which permits more time to train. Luckily there is a growing community in China now for #crossfit and I was able to visit Attitude CrossFit in Shenzhen. It’s run and coached by some great people that welcomed me with open arms and despite the fact I was literally melting (90F with 85% humidity) they were still nice enough to take a picture with me! I can’t tag them all but thank you all very much once again. Traveling this far can be difficult but being able to drop in and visit some new friends is amazing. #crossfitchina #seeyouinmadison @crossfitdavis #hobbitsquats #hobbitabroad ——– I’d tag the gym but most businesses in China run on WeChat. This is their ID: AttitudeCF

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Val Voboril

Wesley Rethwill

Lauren Fisher

Julian Alcaraz

Yes, we’re aware Alacaraz is not going to the Games. But he did technically qualify and could have been going, so we wanted to see what he was up to as well.