What to Watch on Day 2

Katrin Davidsdottir during Amanda .45 at the 2017 CrossFit Games.
Katrin Davidsdottir during Amanda .45 at the 2017 CrossFit Games. Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Day 1 at the CrossFit Games was awesome, but for the individuals it involved a lot of endurance work early. From the Run-Swim-Run and Cyclocross events, the athletes were tested on things they don’t always practice.

Day 2, Friday, starts off in a similar way with the Obstacle Course. A bracketed-style event means one slip or fall and an athlete could be staring down a bottom 5 finish. It will be all on the line beginning at 10:00am in North Park.

After that, the afternoon session brings out the 1RM Snatch event. What we missed in a heavy event at Regionals is being made up for at the Games. With just two attempts in the first “round”, athletes will need to take some risks to get inside the top 10, where they get two additional attempts. Miss your first lift and you have to decide whether to play it safe and do some damage control or go all-in and hit a lift to get inside that top 10. That begins at 2:10 inside the Coliseum.

In the evening, the individuals have two events waiting for them. First is the Triple G Chipper with 100 Pull-ups, 80 GHD Sit-ups, 60 pistols, 40 calories on the Concept2 Rower and 20 Dumbbell Push Press (or Shoulder-to-Overhead). That begins at 6:00pm.

After a quick reset, the athletes are back at 7:50pm for a really fast event. With only 30 minutes for the men and 30 more for the women, this is going to be fast and furious like 100 Percent last year. Should be a great way to wrap up Friday at the Games.

For the teams, they begin with the Sprint O-Course bright and early at 8:20am. After that, it’s time for the 1RM Clean & Jerk. Watch as top athletes Rich Froning, Tola Morakinyo (Reebok CrossFit Back Bay), and others put some massive weight overhead.

The Teens and Masters will be sprinting through the day. From the Assault Lunge to Bar Fight to the Sprint O-Course, all of the events today are going to require a “just go” attitude. While it’s hard to take your eyes of the individual competition, it might be worth it to watch some of the best teenagers and masters athletes throw down today.

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