The 2018 CrossFit Games started off with a bang! The individual athletes kicked off Day 1 with four events that would end with 42,195 meters on a Concept 2 rower.

The teams had a bit easier start to their week. Only two events stood in front of them, but strength and team communication was critical to do well. The teams that were favorites heading into the Games held court and are bunched up at the top of the leaderboard.

For the individuals and teams, Thursday is a rest day. It is much needed for the individuals and will likely be much appreciated by the teams once the events pick up over the weekend. The only thing on the agenda for the individuals and teams is the new opening ceremony tonight at 5pm.

Things are a little different for the Masters and Teen athletes. Their competition started on Wednesday but Thursday is not a rest day for the 50+ Masters and 14-15 Teens. These age groups will face three events today and then rest on Friday.

The 35-49 Masters and 16-17 Teens will rest today and will face the same three events as the other age groups on Friday.

The Masters and Teens will then clean up for the opening ceremony tonight as well.

Here’s how to not miss any of the action. And stay tuned to The Barbell Spin for the best (and most) coverage of the Games!