Wodapalooza Has Come A Long Way Since 2012

Back in 2012, “functional fitness” competitions were a lot different than they are today. There weren’t 1,000+ competitors, live streaming, fans who weren’t family members, and sometimes, there weren’t even enough female athletes.

For those who have been around the CrossFit scene back in 2012, you may have heard this story. In 2012, Wodapalooza had about 200 athletes competing, which made it one of the largest competitions next to the CrossFit Games. However, there still weren’t a lot of elite female athletes competing, much less flying from all over the world to attend. Since there was only one other female RTG (“Road to the Games”) athlete (Nicole Biscuiti), Talayna and Nicole were given the opportunity to compete with the male athletes.

Long story short, Talayna was in FIRST place going into the last event ahead of Noah Ohlsen, Jared Davis, Julian Serna and Dominick Maurici. While the last event knocked her out of first place, she still ended up on the podium in third place.

So as everyone gears up for Wodapalooza beginning tomorrow, take some time to read Talayna’s blog recapping the event.

And after that, Noah Ohlsen also wrote about the event on his blog.

Good luck to all those competing and enjoy where the sport has taken us.