Watch NPGL Final on GRIDTV for $4.99

Danny Nichols in NPGL playoff match
September 3, 2016: Phoenix Rise competes against the San Fransisco Fire at the Utah Valley Convention Center. Copyright Melissa Majchrzak

The 2016 NPGL season has come down to the final match between the Boston Iron and the Phoenix Rise. The compact season started just 21 days ago, but there has been a lot of excitement packed in.

From the New York Rhinos’ comeback win over the Boston Iron in the opening match to the Phoenix Rise beating the San Francisco Fire in the closest race in NPGL history, the 2016 season has been as exciting as ever. And now, after a thrilling win over the DC Brawlers, the Boston Iron have made it to the Finals to take on the Phoenix Rise.

For those who didn’t purchase the GRIDTV subscription throughout the season, there’s still an opportunity to watch the Finals. For $4.99, you can receive a 24-hour pass to GRIDTV.

The Finals are tonight at 9:00pm Eastern.