10 Reasons Why the Deadlift is the Best Exercise

When it comes down to the fitness and bodybuilding world, the deadlift is an exercise you do not want to ignore. When executed with proper form it can and it will bring us closer to that better, stronger and more powerful physique we are aiming...

Ray Williams Squats 1,015 Pounds During Training

Ray Williams at Arlington Strength
Ray Williams holds the American Record with a 1,005 raw squat from the 2016 USAPL National Championships. Williams, however, does not hold the IPF World Record as the National Championships were not an international event. The world record belongs to Jezza Uepa (Nauru) with...

Rogue Fitness Releases Original Film, STONELAND

Rogue Fitness just released an original film, STONELAND, today. The 45-minute film covers the Highland Games and the tradition behind the Scottish competition. Watch the video for FREE on YouTube below: https://youtu.be/MhQlNwxn5oo

Watch Live Stream of IPF Sub-Junior & Junior Worlds

2016 IPF Sub-Junior and Junior World Championships Logo
The 2016 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Sub-Junior and Junior World Championships are being held in Szczyrk, Poland right now. From August 29 to September 3, the best junior lifters are hitting the platform. To watch the live stream, head over to Good Lift. Just keep in...

What Gift Should You Buy From Katie Hogan And Jesse Burdick’s Wedding Registry?

Jesse Burdick and Katie Hogan Getting Married Soon
CrossFitter Katie Hogan and Powerlifter Jesse Burdick are getting married on August 13. Like any good engaged couple, they've registered for gifts at Crate&Barrel, Pottery Barn, Macy's and Target. Without further adieu, let's peruse the happy fitness couple's list. A family that lifts needs to eat...

Ben Alderman Takes on Powerlifter and Strongman in Real World Tactical Workout

Take a look as Tony Sentmanat from Real World Tactical takes three different athletes through his functional strength training session. Ben Alderman is a CrossFitter, Alan Thrall competes in Strongman and Msima Inyang is a Body Builder and Powerlifter. From plyometrics and body weight movements...

Ray Williams Sets World Record Squat at IPF World Championships

Ray Williams sets Raw Squat World Record
Ray Williams proved once again he is the strongest powerlifter in the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). At the IPF World Championships, Williams squatted 438kg to set a new Raw Open World Record. For those without a calculator, that is 963.6-pounds! Ray Williams...

The World’s Oldest Powerlifter

Svend Steengaard
Meet Svend Steengaard, the oldest licensed powerlifter in the world. At 93, Steengaard enjoys the competition and trains four to six times per week. Watch the video by BBC by clicking here.

IPF Athletes Banned from Eddy Coan Seminars

On January 20, the IPF posted an announcement reminding athletes that attending seminars hosted by Eddy Coan in Sweden are prohibited by WADA. Coan is on the the IPF Anti-Doping Violation list and is banned for life from the IPF. Because of this, it is...

Jesse Norris Address Failed Drug Test on YouTube

Jesse Norris addressed his failed drug test on a YouTube video he posted January 14. During the video, Norris says that he had taken Craze in previous meets and had been drug tested with no problems. However, he says he was not aware that the...

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