Jesse Norris Suspended Six Months Following Failed Drug Test

On Thursday, Jesse Norris posted on Instagram that he tested positive for a stimulant while at the 2015 Raw Nationals. Norris attributes his failed test to taking the pre-workout supplement, Craze. The failed drug test has resulted in a six-month suspension from the USAPL.

In April 2014, the U.S. FDA warned the manufacturer, Driven Sports, of Craze that its product contained an undisclosed methamphetamine-like compound. At the time, Driven Sports had stopped making Craze and replaced it with a new product, Frenzy. A year later, Driven Sports released Craze v2 despite a pending criminal charge. Even with the controversy surrounding the manufacturer and the product line, Norris allegedly chose to take the supplement.


According to the USAPL Drug Test Database, Norris’ suspension is retroactive to October 17, 2015 and will be lifted on April 17, 2016. The USAPL suspended 22 athletes during 2015.