Ray Williams during 1,005-pound squat
Screen cap via 9for9Media (@9for9media on Instagram)

The USAPL Raw Nationals were this past weekend and Ray Williams set a new IPF World Record with a 1,005-pound squat. Williams competes in the +120kg (+264lb) weight class and has been flirting with the half ton squat for the past year.

Williams went 9-for-9 on the day and posted a 1,005-pound squat, a 528-pound bench press and an 843-pound deadlift for a total of 2,376 pounds, or 1,079 kilograms. As you can imagine, the venue went crazy as Williams’ record back squat was awarded three white lights.

IPF Raw standards include no squat suit, knee wraps and the athlete must unrack and walk back before squatting.

Here is a video of Williams’ amazing feat captured by 9for9Media.