Product Review: Rehband RX 5mm Knee Sleeves

Some of the top CrossFit athletes were Rehband knee sleeves – Rich Froning, Josh Bridges and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet to name a few. As one of the most more recognizable knee sleeve brands on the market, I tested out the Rehband RX 5mm Knee Sleeve over the past couple months to see if it would live up to its expectations.


I tried out the Rehband RX 5mm knee sleeve. Rehband offers 3mm and 7mm versions, but this is the most versatile option. The material consists of a thick SBR/neoprene cover with foam padding on the interior side.

The sleeve is constructed with a contoured shape to fit the anatomy of the knee. For competitors, the knee sleeve is IPF and IWF approved for raw and open competition.

Here is the sizing guide which I found to be very helpful.

Rehband Knee Sleeve sizing guide
Rehband Knee Sleeve sizing guide


What I Liked

There were three things I really liked about these knee sleeves.

Directed Compression. The contoured shape provided a proper amount of compression to areas that needed compression. Unlike some knee sleeves that are designed more like a tube, the Rehband knee sleeves have been contoured by stitching to shape around the knee. The result is a better fit and a comfort knowing the sleeve is going to protect the knee joint.

Comfort. In addition to the compression mentioned above, the contoured shape also makes the Rehband knee sleeve feel great. The contoured shape helps keep the knee sleeve in place while doing a CrossFit metcon or during an Olympic Weightlifting session. The stitching does not irritate the skin and it helps warm up the knee joint while not getting too hot.

Versatility. The 5mm thickness provides the versatility for those who are looking to use a knee sleeve (or sleeves) in a wide range of movement or uses. For those who CrossFit and like to do a lot of squatting or Olympic Weightlifting, this knee sleeve is great. It handles a CrossFit metcon’s movement requirements as well as a simple movement like back squats.

What I Didn’t Like

This really is not a criticism, but if you only use the knee sleeve for one specific type of movement you might want to consider going with something other than the versatile 5mm version. If you are a powerlifter or only need to wear a knee sleeve when squatting heavy, it might be better to go with a 7mm knee sleeve. Or if you are just wanting some protection for more functional movements or running, going with the 3mm sleeve or Rehband’s Active Line Knee Support would likely be a better fit.

Final Thoughts

I really liked the 5mm RX Rehband knee sleeves. When packing my gear for an upcoming workout I find myself grabbing these more often that not.

When reading other reviews online, many have commented on the stink of the knee sleeves over time. So far I have not experienced this, but I make sure to turn them inside out and put them in a well ventilated area immediately after I am done working out. I have not left them in a gym bag or in any confined space, which would likely increase the rate at which these would begin to retain an odor.

You can purchase the Rehband 5mm RX knee sleeve from Rogue Fitness for $39.99 per sleeve. As of December 7, 2017, Rogue has them on sale for $35.99. And no matter when you purchase them they are part of Rogue’s 3 Ships Free promotion.

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