Born Primitive: Athlete Driven. Patriot Inspired.

Born Primitive was created for those who refuse to accept the mediocrity that society now fosters. Owned and operated by an active duty military family, Born Primitive supports various charities, including the Navy SEAL Foundation and 555 Firefighter Fitness, by selling high quality clothing that isĀ great both inside and outside of the gym.

Throw your conventional limits out the window and realize your true potential.


Ager-297Andrea Ager Edition Vitality Bra

The very popular Vitality Bra line offers the perfect balance between softness and elasticity, making it the most comfortable sports bra you will ever wear. Featuring Andrea Ager’s signature below the Born Primitive logo, this fashionable sports bra will be your go-to for the toughest of workouts.

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CC9T4386-Edit-2Men’s Snatch Shorts

We’ve all been there one time or another…getting too aggressive with the hips and catching the barbell on the pubic bone. These patent-pending compression shorts were designed by Olympic lifters for Olympic lifters. Whether you are doing 100 power snatches during 16.3 or are going for a 1RM, Born Primitive’s Snatch Shorts provide the adequate protection without sacrificing mobility.


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