Get Instant Feedback on Your Snatch with the FORM Collar

FORM Collar

Every CrossFit athlete or Olympic Weightlifter is looking for a way to add an extra pound or kilogram to the barbell. Until a few years ago, fine tuning your technique required having a coach watch your lifts at the gym. It was real-time feedback, but it had its limitations. You were limited by the coach’s availability in the gym and his or her ability to spot minor technique flaws at high speeds.

A few years ago the landscape changed as iPhones allowed athletes to record lifts. These could be sent to coaches across the country or watched between lifts. Being able to record in slo-mo and track the bar were helpful, but again, it relied on one’s eyesight to spot where an athlete could improve.

Now, for the first time, athletes have the capability to get instant, meaningful feedback with the FORM Collar (patent pending). The FORM Collar secures the weights on the barbell, but also measures force, speed and power. These metrics are then immediately sent to an app on your smartphone. It’s as simple as selecting the user (yes, multiple lifters can track their metrics), lift type and barbell weight…and then lift!

FORM Lifting AppFrom cleans, snatches, push press, jerks, thrusters, bench press, squats and deadlifts, the FORM Collar will give you immediate feedback that will push you every rep and potentially keep you safe. The app gives you the abilityto track your progress over time. If you see your lifts are below the graph (and red) but it feels like you are working hard, it may be a sign that you are overtrained or are not at your best today. The FORM Collar gives you unbiased feedback instead of relying solely on how you feel.

The FORM Collar is currently on Kickstarter now through March 4. Their funding goal is $100,000 and they have raised over $55,000 as of February 9.

To support and pre-order your FORM Collar at a discounted price, go to the Kickstarter campaign click here.

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