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Jamie Greene trying out freestanding handstand push-ups. @jgreenewod/Instagram

Podcasts Talk Inconsistent Judging on Handstand Push-ups at Regionals

The dust has settled and the 40 men, women and teams going to Madison for the 2018 CrossFit Games is set. But one aspect of the last three weeks of regional competition remains a...
Brooke Ence at 2015 CrossFit Games

How Does the Games-Style Scoring System Impact Regionals?

If you listened to Blair Morrison and Ben Alderman's Beyond the Barbell podcast, Regional Recap, there was a brief discussion about whether the old scoring system (points per placing) would shake up the leaderboard with the...
Women during Murph at 2015 CrossFit Games

What Regions are the Strongest at the CrossFit Games?

There has been a lot of talk about which regions are the strongest or hardest in the CrossFit Games season. It's a great topic to debate since there it can be argued any number...