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2017 East Coast Championships Have Been Cancelled

2017 East Coast Championships (ECC) Cancelled

Ben Bergeron announced via his Built by Bergeron Facebook page that he and his team have decided to cancel the 2017 event. The decision was made to work on CFNE, help their athletes and provide...
East Coast Championships Team Leaderboard

FitAid 2 Wins ECC Team Competition

The Team Competition at the East Coast Championships wrapped up Sunday afternoon with Team FitAid 2 taking home the title. The team consisting of Sara Sigmundsdottir, Kari Pearce, Travis Williams and Nick Urankar methodically...
ECC Leaderboard - Individual Men

Recap of Individual Competition at the ECC

Saturday at the East Coast Championships showcased some of the best athletes in functional fitness. Athletes such as Mat Fraser, Noah Ohlsen, Sara Sigmundsdottir and the 2015 Fittest on Earth, Katrin Davidsdottir. The four-event...

East Coast Championships Real-Time Leaderboard

Here is the link to the ECC Real-Time Leaderboard: https://wodscores.com/Kill_Cliff_East_Coast_Championships_2016/index.php?category=Women&ncc=0   And here's the link to the live stream: https://ultrasport.tv/kcecc/  

How to Watch the ECC

If you're looking for the live stream for the East Coast Championships, click on the link below. And come back to TheBarbellSpin.com tomorrow for the Day 1 recap. Before you click the link, take a...
2016 East Coast Championships Schedule

East Coast Championships Schedule

Hopefully you recovered from last weekend's Wodapalooza because this weekend is the Kill Cliff East Coast Championships! The ECC will feature a ton of CrossFit Games veterans during the individual competition on Saturday. Then, the...

2016 East Coast Championships Roster

As we gear up for this weekend, here are the featured athletes for the 2016 Kill Cliff East Coast Championships. Featured Men Alex Anderson Cody Anderson Nathan Bramblett Sam Dancer Albert Dominque-Larouche Jeff Evans Mat Fraser Garret Fisher Tommy Hackenbruck Spencer Hendel Craig Kenney Elijah Muhammad Noah Ohlsen Khan Porter Cole...