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Buttery Bros at the 2019 CrossFit Games. Via Instagram/@butterybros

Buttery Bros to Create 2019 CrossFit Games Documentary

After CrossFit, Inc. released much of its in-house media team last fall, it meant that there would not be a documentary for the 2018 CrossFit Games. But good news CrossFit fans! The Buttery Bros...
Rory McKernan face-off against Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon in 19.2, presented by FitAID. Photo via Instagram, @marzmedia.

Rory McKernan Has New Open Competition in RO vs. BROS

After the change in direction of CrossFit Games' media team, the Ro vs. Boz head-to-head competition following the Open announcement is no longer. However, Rory McKernan ("Ro") has some new competition. This time, the...
Amanda Barnhart at the 2018 CrossFit Games Central Regional. Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Meet CrossFit Games Rookie Amanda Barnhart

Take a guess at who won three events at the Central Regional this year. Brooke Wells? Kristi Eramo? Nope. It was actually Amanda Barnhart! Barnhart won the last three events of the weekend in Nashville,...

Behind the Music of CrossFit’s Latest Documentary

CrossFit's latest documentary, Fittest on Earth: The Story of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games, is set to be released on iTunes today, February 23, 2016. To match the intensity of the Games, Director Heber Cannon looked...