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Nathan Damron at the 2018 USAW National Championships in Overland Park, Kansas. Photo courtesy of Lifting Life.

2018 USAW National Championship Winners

The top American weightlifters took to the platform this past weekend in Overland Park, Kansas, for the 2018 USAW National Championships. From a dominating performance from Olympic medalist Sarah Robles to those who won...
Kate Vibert at the 2017 USAW National Championships. Photo courtesy of Lifting Life.

American Open Series 3: An Athlete’s Perspective

Training for any weightlifting competition is indescribable. Through all the ups and downs of preparing both physically and mentally, it’s difficult to even think about who is showing up, and what to expect out...
Mattie Rogers at 2016 Senior Trials

Senior Trials at USAW National Junior Championships

To cap off the weekend at the USAW National Junior Championships, an Olympic Qualifier was held showcasing some of the top lifters in the country. Eleven women took the platform to qualify for the...