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Women during Murph at 2015 CrossFit Games

What Regions are the Strongest at the CrossFit Games?

There has been a lot of talk about which regions are the strongest or hardest in the CrossFit Games season. It's a great topic to debate since there it can be argued any number...

CrossFit HQ Changes Course, Josh Bridges Receives 15% Penalty for 16.4

Immediately following the publication of Josh Bridges' video of his winning performance for 16.4, fans began questioning the validity of the deadlift reps. Most people commenting felt that Josh Bridges was not fully locking...

Recap of CrossFit Open 16.2

16.2 was another 20-minute grueling workout for the best athletes in the world. That is, unless you finished well below the time cap like the 2015 World's Fittest Man, Ben Smith, and Kara Webb....

Josh Bridges: 16.1

Watch what 365 reps looks like as Josh Bridges destroys 16.1. That's 1:25 per round! 14 times! Click here to see Emily Bridgers' 16.1. https://youtu.be/_-pgRUFm2WU
CrossFit Open Men's Leaderboard 16.1

16.1: Men’s Recap

We've already looked at the women's side for 16.1, so let's take a look at the men's side. There is quite a bit more uncertainty for the men compared to the women. Only three athletes from...

Kill Cliff’s Baker Leavitt Vimeo Rampage

Kill Cliff's Baker Leavitt has been on a Vimeo rampage, uploading a ton of videos over the past 24 hours. The videos are mainly older interviews of CrossFit Games athletes. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/154458895 https://vimeo.com/154459427 https://vimeo.com/154459720 https://vimeo.com/154461064 amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_search_bar =...

CrossFit Team Series Preview

CrossFit debuted the Team Series competition in 2014 allowing athletes to form "super teams". No longer was training at the same affiliate a requirement as it is during the CrossFit Games. In the end,...