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The Future of Powerlifting

Mark Bell recently attended a USAPL Youth Meet and captured footage from the event. It's impressive to watch these young kids squat, bench and deadlift and just enjoy the sport of Powerlifting. https://youtu.be/pwAxqBXvJvI

Mark Bell at the Arnold Expo 2016

Mark Bell attended the Arnold Sports Festival 2016 and captured some of the biggest lifts from the strongman deadlift competition. He also spent some time with the Sling Shot crew working the Expo as well...

All of the USAPL Videos from the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival

In case you missed any of the powerlifting action from the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival, here are all of the videos from that weekend. StartingStrength Pro Raw Challenge https://youtu.be/OEjC0rBB2x4 SSP Nutrition Pro Raw Bench https://youtu.be/LmUb5OI8pPY Sling Shot Pro American...

Kim Walford’s Road to the Arnold

Thanks to Rogue Fitness, here is a look at Kim Walford's road to the Arnold. The Arnold Sports Festival is in Columbus, Ohio from March 3-6, 2016. Walford gives an inside look at her...
FORM Collar

Get Instant Feedback on Your Snatch with the FORM Collar

Every CrossFit athlete or Olympic Weightlifter is looking for a way to add an extra pound or kilogram to the barbell. Until a few years ago, fine tuning your technique required having a coach...
Svend Steengaard

The World’s Oldest Powerlifter

Meet Svend Steengaard, the oldest licensed powerlifter in the world. At 93, Steengaard enjoys the competition and trains four to six times per week. Watch the video by BBC by clicking here.

IPF Athletes Banned from Eddy Coan Seminars

On January 20, the IPF posted an announcement reminding athletes that attending seminars hosted by Eddy Coan in Sweden are prohibited by WADA. Coan is on the the IPF Anti-Doping Violation list and is banned...

Jesse Norris Address Failed Drug Test on YouTube

Jesse Norris addressed his failed drug test on a YouTube video he posted January 14. During the video, Norris says that he had taken Craze in previous meets and had been drug tested with no...

Brian Shaw, World’s Stongest Man, Talks Overhead Pressing

Brian Shaw, the World's Strongest Man, joins Mark Bell and Silent Mike on the Super Training Podcast. Shaw teaches you how to improve your overhead press. And unless you're Brian Shaw, you probably have...
2016 USAPL National Calendar

2016 USAPL National Calendar

Here's a quick reference guide of the 2016 USAPL National Calendar. Date Event Location Feb. 14 Youth National Championships Aurora, CO Mar. 4-6 Arnold Sports Festival Columbus, OH Mar. 19-20 Military Nationals Orlando, FL Mar. 31-Apr. 3 High School National Powerlifting Championships Orlando, FL Apr. 14-17 Collegiate National Championship Providence, RI May 19-22 National Championships Aurora, CO Sep. 10-11 Bench Press National...