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Sports betting now available for CrossFit Regionals

PaddyPower and SportsBet Taking Bets on CrossFit Regionals

SportsBet.com.au and PaddyPower have opened their books and are now taking bets on the CrossFit Regionals. It's not the first time a sports book has taken bets on the competitive fitness, but it does appear it...
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet using Halo Sport

2017 CrossFit South Regional Preview — Individual Men and Women

In just two days the South Regional will kick off in San Antonio, Texas. With 50 men and 47 women competing, the stakes are higher than ever for these individual athletes vying for a...
Travis Williams and Alexis Johnson CrossFit

AWOD – 5/15/17

Here's a good one to kick off your week! Plus, who doesn't love 9 rounds of "DT"? And yes, that's Alexis Johnson in the background of the video. Via Travis Williams: 3 Rounds for Time of: 3 Rounds...
Roy Gamboa celebrates 30th birthday

Roy Gamboa Withdraws from CrossFit Regionals

Roy Gamboa has competed at the CrossFit Games three times. In 2017, Gamboa finished atop the South Central rankings in the CrossFit Open and was one of the favorites to qualify for the Games from...
Travis Williams does Isabel in under 60 seconds (screen cap)

Travis Williams Blazes Thru Isabel in Under 60 Seconds!

How fast could you do 30 snatches at 135 pounds? Travis Williams just did it in under 60 seconds! Yeah, take a minute out of your day to watch this!
Travis Williams during 17.3 of the CrossFit Open

CrossFit Requests Videos of 17.3 for Video Review Process

As we mentioned in our article, "The CrossFit Open is Over, Now What?", CrossFit requires the top athletes in each region to submit a video for review prior to locking down the leaderboard and...
Dave Castro during 17.2 Open Announcement

Predicting 17.3: Presented by Misfit Athletics

We knew dumbbells would be coming and they showed up on 17.1, but who would have thought we would see them again on 17.2? If you did, you're probably lying. Ok, so now it's time...
Chyna Cho and Emily Abbott at the 2016 CrossFit Open 16.1 Announcement

CrossFit Games Athletes Predict 17.1

Predicting a CrossFit Open workout is nearly impossible. Dave Castro likes to keep us guessing thanks to his cryptic social media posts. So far, we only have a couple hints to what Castro has in...

Fikowski, Scali, Williams, Sweeney and Vellner Bring Back #openhumiliation in 2017

During the 2015 CrossFit Open, Brent Fikowski, Joe Scali and Mitch Barnard created a 'friendly' competition in which the loser of each Open workout had to post a humiliating video on social media. Barnard...
Empty notebook for 2017 goals

CrossFit Games Athletes Share Their 2017 Goals

Tomorrow is the first day of 2017. With that comes resolutions and goals for most people. We wanted to find out what some CrossFit Games veterans are looking to achieve in the coming year....