2015 American Open Schedule [UPDATED]

UPDATED: Schedule has been updated to reflect final schedule.

Registration for the American Opens in a few hours with lifting to begin at 8:30 AM local time (Reno, NV). To watch the live webcast, click here.

Below are the start times for all of the A sessions. The full schedule can be found here. With some weight classes having up to 10 sessions, the start times may be delayed.

Date Time Platform Weight Class
Friday 6:30 PM Red 48kg (F)
6:30 PM White 53kg (F)
6:30 PM Blue 56/62kg (M)
6:30 PM Stars 69kg A (M)
Saturday 4:00 PM White 58kg (F)
4:00 PM Blue 77kg (M)
6:00 PM White 63kg (W)
6:00 PM Blue 69kg (W)
Sunday 1:30 PM White 85kg (M)
1:30 PM Blue 94kg (M)
3:30 PM White 75kg (W)
3:30 PM Blue 105kg (M)
5:30 PM White +75kg (W)
5:30 PM Blue +105kg (M)