2015 USAW National University Championships Recap

This past weekend, hundreds of collegiate athletes descended upon Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, for the USAW National University Championships. In addition to the college athletes, this was the last event to qualify for the World Championships in November. Because of this, athletes like Jessica Lucero, Mattie Rogers, Cameron Swart and Spencer Moorman were in attendance.

The event took place over three days, September 25-27, two platforms and was live streamed on USAW’s website. With over 400 athletes (132 Women, 264 Men & 12 World Team Trial athletes), some weight classes had “E” sessions. The event kicked off at 9:00am local time with the Men’s 77kg D and 62kg B sessions. Alex Lee (M69 WTT) stole the show on Friday as he set the American Record in the 69kg class with a 308kg total while only going 3-for-6.

Saturday featured three A sessions (M77, M85 & W63). In the Women’s 63kg class, Karla Hernandez Leon went 6/6 and took 1st place on her last clean and jerk. Leon and Kathleen O’Neill went back and forth on the clean and jerks after Leon posted a 79kg snatch to O’Neill’s 78kg. O’Neill hit her 3rd clean and jerk at 100kg, leaving both competitors tied going into Leon’s last attempt. O’Neill held the tie-breaker as she had the lower bodyweight. Leon nailed her 101kg clean and jerk and walked away with three gold medals. O’Neill took home three silver medals.

On Sunday, the rest of the A sessions competed. The Men’s 105kg session was highly anticipated as six World Team Trial athletes were scheduled to compete (Colin Burns, Andrew Davis, David Garcia, Spencer Moorman, Norik Vardanian and Ian Wilson). However, Mattie Rogers (W69) stole the show. Rogers broke the American Senior and Junior Snatch Records with a 102kg snatch. She then hit a 124kg clean and jerk giving her a 226kg total. The total also broke the American Senior and Junior Total Records. Rogers went 6-for-6 and broke four American Records in the process.

In the Men’s 105kg class, Spencer Moorman hit only one snatch and one clean and jerk, but those lifts were good enough to top the other World Team Trial competitors. Both Colin Burns and David Garcia failed to hit a snatch.

In the Women’s 75+kg class, Olympian Sarah Robles returned to the platform after serving her two-year suspension was lifted in August. Robles left little doubt that she is ready to get back to competition. She successfully lifted 120kg in the snatch and 156kg in the clean and jerk for a 276kg total, 38kg more than second place, Marissa Klingseis.

Just like the Women’s 63kg class, the final clean and jerk in the Men’s 105+kg class crowned the champion. T.J. Greenstone and Javier Pagliery both went 3-for-3 and hit 150kg in the snatch. Starting the clean and jerks, Pagliery successfully lifted 180kg, while Greenstone missed his first attempt at 185kg. Pagliery followed up by hitting the same weight. Greenstone countered with a 187kg successful second lift. On the third lift, Paglieri increased his attempt to 190kg and made the lift. Knowing that Pagliery has the bodyweight tie-breaker, Greenstone put 191kg on the bar. In dramatic fashion, Greenstone locked out 191kg overhead to take home the gold medal.

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