Alyssa Ritchey (USA) went 4-for-6 on Wednesday at the 2017 IWF World Championships in Anaheim. Ritchey missed her first and last attempts finishing with a 177kg total in the 48kg weight category.

Ritchey finished with a 78kg snatch and 99kg clean & jerk. Both the clean & jerk and 177kg total were PRs for Ritchey at her first World Championships. She missed her final clean & jerk attempt at 101kg.

78kg/172# in the Snatch for @alyssaritchey1 in the 48A Session at Worlds. Go Alyssa! #JuggLife #TeamJuggernaut @usa_weightlifting

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Ritchey set two PRs while dealing with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. As we reported last month, Ritchey had been dealing with numbness in her fingers earlier this year and was diagnosed with the syndrome just over a month ago.