The first session of the 2017 IWF World Championships kicked off last night, but the first athlete from Team USA lifts this afternoon (Brian Reisenauer). Here is what you need to know to watch all of the action, including all of Team USA.

There are two ways to watch the competition if you live in the United States. First, those with cable/satellite/SlingTV subscriptions with ESPN can watch on ESPN3. Here are the details of each session for ESPN3.

For the rest of us, a live stream is available on USA Weightlifting’s website. Click here for the live stream.

If you just want to watch Team USA on the platform, here are the scheduled times for each athlete (listed in chronological order).

Wednesday, November 29

Brian Reisenauer (4:55pm EST / 1:55 PST)
Alyssa Ritchey (8:25pm EST / 5:25pm PST)

Thursday, November 30

Caitlin Hogan (8:25pm EST / 5:25pm PST)

Friday, December 1

Angelo Bianco (4:55pm EST / 1:55pm PST)
Jessica Lucero (8:25pm EST / 5:25pm PST)
CJ Cummings (10:55pm EST / 7:55pm PST)

Saturday, December 2

Harrison Maurus (2:55pm EST / 11:55pm PST)
Mattie Rogers (6:25pm EST / 3:25pm PST)

Sunday, December 3

Nathan Damron (11:55am EST / 8:55am PST)
Colin Burns (6:25pm EST / 3:25pm PST)
Jenny Arthur (8:55pm EST / 5:55pm PST)

Monday, December 4

Wes Kitts & Ian Wilson (8:25pm EST / 5:25pm PST)
Ali Ludwig & Marissa Klingseis (10:55pm EST / 7:55pm PST)

Tuesday, December 5

Sarah Robles (4:55pm EST / 1:55pm PST)

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