Mattie Rogers just blew up the weightlifting world. Rogers posted a video of her jerking 145kg from the blocks during training yesterday. That is 319 pounds!

145kg/319lbs jerkkkkkyyyy boooiiiiiiii ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @rehband @eleikosport @xendurance @rpstrength @2poodperformance

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Rogers’ Senior American Record Clean & Jerk is 134kg set this past May at the 2017 USAW National Championships in Chicago, IL.

She also did some high block cleans (or as Mattie called them, “high high stupid high block cleans”) yesterday as well. Rogers worked up to 133kg!

These lifts are impressive, but even more so when you consider Rogers was dealing with some back issues back in July heading into the 2017 Pan American Championships. It appears that she is feeling healthy once again and adding kilos to her lifts.