Pat Mendes, Ilya Ilyin & Vasiliy Polovnikov Walk into a Gym

What would you do if some of the top weightlifters in the world walked into your gym? If you were at the Moorestown Weightlifting Club recently you might have actually had to answer that question.

Pat Mendes, Vasiliy Polovnikov and Ilya Ilyin converged on the weightlifting gym recently and had a bit of a friendly competition. Mendes and Polovnikov did most of the back-and-forth while Ilyin did jump in on a little of the action.

In the end, Mendes snatched 183kg and clean and push jerked 200kg. Polovnikov hit 190kg on the snatch and just missed 195kg. Ilyin repped out a 150kg snatch and a really easy 185kg clean & jerk.

Give it a watch…it’s a quick six-minute video.