Team USA Start List for World Championships

Below are the start times for the Team USA athletes. As rumored, Sarah Robles has replaced Marissa Klingseis. Additionally, there is one men’s athlete missing from the start list. Spencer Moorman, Donovan Ford and CJ Cummings do not appear on the Start List. Ford just reported on Instagram that he is unable to compete due to a herniated disk. We will update the list once the final male athlete is added.

[Update: CJ Cummings has been added to the Start List.]

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Athlete Session Day Time
Winters, Kathleen 48kg Session C Friday (11/20) 3:00pm
King, Morghan 48kg Session B Friday (11/20) 7:30pm
Johnson, Derrick 62kg Session B Saturday (11/21) 7:25pm
Cummings, CJ 69kg Session C Sunday (11:22) 7:25pm
Lee, Alex 69kg Session B Sunday (11/22) 9:25 pm
Lucero, Jessica 58kg Session B Monday (11/23) 11:30 am
Hernandez, Leo 77kg Session C Monday (11/23) 7:25 pm
Cooper, Travis 77kg Session C Monday (11/23) 7:25 pm
Rogers, Mattie 69kg Session B Wednesday (11/25) 7:25 pm
Fleming, Jared 94kg Session B Thursday (11/26) 10:00 am
Farris, Kendrick 94kg Session B Thursday (11/26) 10:00 am
Arthur, Jenny 75kg Session A Friday (11/27) 2:55 pm
Mangold, Holley +75kg Session C Friday (11/27) 7:25 pm
Wilkes, Caine +10+kg Session B Saturday (11/28) 10:00 am
Robles, Sarah +75kg Session A Saturday (11/28) 5:25 pm