Wes Kitts Unofficially Breaks American Record While at USAW Training Camp

Wes Kitts unofficially breaks American Record with 180kg snatch at USA Worlds training camp at Rogue Fitness

Over the weekend, many of the members of Team USA’s World Team traveled to Rogue Fitness’ headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, for a USAW World Team training camp.Β Wes Kitts was in attendance and he looks like he is ready for Anaheim.

On Saturday, Kitts snatched 180kg, which is 5kg more than the current American Record!

Kitts followed that up the next day with a 180kg power clean and push press. The push press was also a PR, thanks to Pyrros Dimas’s helping with some technique advice.

Power Clean and Push Pressed 180kg (396#) this morning. I couldn’t believe how easy the power Cleans felt. This is also a push press PR. While I was working my way up I told @pyrrospyrros that I’d never made 180 so he made me go 175 first to make sure I could do it haha. He also helped me make some adjustments that had me feeling great in this movement! I’m blessed to have the opportunity to train under a weightlifting legend along with the rest of the USAW World team staff! @cal_strength @usa_weightlifting @caffeineandkilos #american105 #weightlifting #teamusa #america #fitness #training #PR #power Also thanks @_j_wizzle for letting me borrow some of your @liftgenie.us tape! I know it wasn’t really by choice but I appreciate it nonetheless πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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