Snatchin’ Snacks Is Apparently A Thing

Mat Fraser on Instagram's @snatchinsnacks
Mat Fraser on Instagram's @snatchinsnacks

If you haven’t seen CJ Cummings clean and jerking with giant donuts on the barbell or Mat Fraser snatching lollipops, you’ve apparently not been on social media the past couple days. The Instagram account, @snatchinsnacks, was created two days ago by Wes Richardson.

Since then, eight Instagram posts have been shared with Kristin Pope’s 82kg worth o’ RIMP’ has had over 33,000 views. Apparently this is catching on…

@cj__cummings set a new youth world record in the clean&jerk … mad Krispy Kreme weight was thrown not to be effed with #snatchinsnacks #hookgrip #teamusa #cleanandjerk #weightlifting #snatch #69kg #reebok @hookgrip

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