Disclosure Statement

Disclosure Statement

The Barbell Spin exists to provide interesting and exclusive content about CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting and GRID.  Content that is selected or created is consistent with this purpose.

Compensation Disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure, The Barbell Spin has affiliate advertising relationships with numerous organizations. The company receives commission from affiliate partners when readers click, buy, print or shop their offers. The Barbell Spin also contains paid advertising through a relationship with  Google Ad networks and is paid for each impression of their advertising that appears on TheBarbellSpin.com.

Effective January 20, 2016 a disclosure statement will be included on every post/article where the direct action spoken of in the article will generate compensation (i.e. – if you click and purchase an item from Amazon Marketplace). For posts that do not directly produce compensation, affiliate links may not be used or disclosed within articles.

Commitment to Mission

You have our word that we will never advertise or promote anything that is inconsistent with the purpose of The Barbell Spin, even if I could make money doing it.

If you find TheBarbellSpin.com valuable, please interact with the site by clicking, registering and buying affiliate offers here, as that is how we will continue to grow the website and increase and enhance the content offered for FREE.